• Fits tubing OD 1/4″ on most RO system
  • BPA free, Leak free, Re-useable
  • Connect and disconnect quick and easy without any other toolsSET INCLUDED: 5 Straight inline fittings, 5 T-fittings, 5 Y-fittings & 5 Elbow fittings
  • APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: RO system, Beverage dispensing, Refrigerator, Ice maker, Coffee machine etc

All fitting in this set made of 100% BPA free thermoplastic material (Polypropylene), which is suitable for use in hot (140°F Max) and cold (33°F Min.) water supply line.
These fittings designed using Push-Fit technology, which allows users to connect and disconnect quick and easy without the need of any other tools.

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